Mold Inspections & Testing

Microbial growth may be noted at the time of an inspection. If you really stop to think about the amount of time, you spend indoors, we are willing to bet that it’s much more than you ever truly realized. Because your home is a confined space that may not always offer adequate ventilation, especially during the summer here in the Coachella Valley you are more likely to be exposed to and or inhale certain air pollutants that build up inside a home/building. At Dominguez Property Inspections, LLC we offer mold inspections to further evaluate and test if needed. Our inspectors will perform a visual mold inspection throughout the home to verify if any mold is present.

There are several types of molds common to California. Most are not harmful in small amounts. However, if mold is potentially discovered in a home we do recommend that samples be collected, especially when there are small children. Others are if allergic or sensitive people or animals will be occupying the home. Some types of mold may trigger asthmatic, allergic, respiratory reactions, and/or sinus issues.

Microbial growth is common at various locations in a home. Such as, the air handlers (HVAC equipment) in hallways, under sinks, behind wall baseboards, closets, and attics. There are several mitigation procedures that can be done if needed.

The only way to find out if its mold and if its harmful is to have it evaluated by a professional laboratory. That is where we come in. We can take the sample and within a week, you should know what type the growth it is. Included in the evaluation is a generic inspection report, photos, and the lab analysis report.

Our inspectors are trained and certified in mold sampling according to the standards of the state of California and our associations. A mold remediation company will need to be used if mold is present and confirmed. Note, this work can be much more costly.

Our inspectors may recommend a mixture of surface and air samples, and or one or the another.

Collected in the potential affected area. This can include multiple locations inside or outside a home. Tools for a surface sample can include a bio-tape, swab, or bulk.

Collected indoors and outdoors in accordance with the requirements needed by the laboratory conducting the analysis. Multiple air samples maybe needed due to the size of a home/dwelling. Tools for an air sample can include an (air-o-cell) cartridge.

Please contact our office to discuss your specific inspection need.