Roof Inspections

A major component of a home or commercial building is the roof and its integrity and condition. Our inspectors provide a thorough inspection of all the roof components. We offer an in-depth evaluation of the roof to be able to provide our customers with a detail list of the condition, and or not be surprised by any costly defects later down the line. Most of our standard home or commercial building inspections include the roof.

Roof covering material, Flashings, roof vents, skylights, chimneys, gutters, downspouts and roof penetration points

Dominguez Property Inspections, LLC are now offering roof certifications to our customers. More in-depth than the roofing inspection performed with our standard home inspection packages, our roof certification inspection service conveniently includes everything you need for a safe roof. If we note any issues, we will provide you with a full report with the details that may be needed by your financial, insurance or HOA institutions.

A roof certification begins with an inspection of the roofing material and underlayment for damage or defect. A roof certification letter will be issued (satisfactory or unsatisfactory), along with a full generic report. If other work is required for the certification the report will include pictures and full descriptions of defects that may require repair or replacement. After all roof issues are corrected the roof certification can be re-issued.

Note: If additional work is required a licensed roof contractor should always complete the work as needed.