Home Inspectors in Palm Springs, CA

If you are planning to purchase or sell a home in Palm Springs, CA? If you answer yes, you have reached the right place. Our home inspectors with Dominguez Property Inspections, LLC have over 15 years’ experience conducting inspections on single family, multi-family, condos, modular, and manufactured homes. We offer additional inspection services if needed, the list is as follows.

Professional Mold Testing and Inspections

Palm Springs experiences heavy rain throughout the fall and winter months. During this time flooding, roof leaks and water intrusion can occur. Mold is a common occurrence when water damage, and water intrusion occurs. Mold growth can affect the health of those who live in the home. A mold test and evaluation can be request with every home inspection. This process will include a visual inspection, and collection of surface and or air samples for analysis. Our list of laboratories will provide the result of the samples in a timely matter. The results will provide details of the type of mold that was collected, and the effects it can have on human health

Termite and Insect Inspections

Termites, pests and insects can intrude into a home building throughout the year. Which can lead to health, and or home issues. Our inspectors will conduct a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of the home for any signs of intrusion. A home inspection in the Palm Springs area will automatically include the termite, pest and insect evaluation. If any signs of pest intrusion are observed, we will note it in the report for further inspection or repairs by a license pest contractor. California has some of the most restricted mortgage loans guidelines that may require termite, pest and insect inspection.

Pool and Spa Inspections

The Palm Springs area can get extremely hot during the summertime. Having a pool can make it very enjoyable. However, additional costs for repairs and upkeep can come with pool ownership. The inspectors will evaluate the condition and systems of the pool and spa, for example, liners/siding, decking, piping, canister, filter, heaters, electrical components, chlorinators, pump(s), and operational equipment. Another factor to know is that the state of California has rules and guidelines regarding the safety of pools and spas on a property. The inspector will evaluate as recommended by the pool and safety regulations and advise and needed.

Roof Certification Inspection

A roof Certification can occasionally be requested by a mortgage loan or insurance company to ensure the roof is in good condition. Many homes over 50 years old can have roofs that will require an evaluation to determine the condition and life remaining expectancy. Due to the extreme weather the desert experiences a roof can be a component that will receive the most wear or damage. This visual inspection and form will be provided to you for your company needing the certification.

Please contact our office to discuss your specific inspection need. You may contact us via email or phone 760-449-8550.